My wish for you

August 15, 2007

“May you live every day of your life” — Jonathan Swift




  1. I want to be on that path. NOW.

  2. Me, too! I wish this trip could have been a little longer as it seemed to be a quick tree-hug experience and then back in the car, but touching base was good for me, and I think everyone else had a good time (30 hour drive excluded).

  3. Great photo Ang! And what a simple, and yet profound, quote. I wish the same for you my very sweet friend. Thanks for your extremely kind words, as always. xoxo

  4. Great quote Ang! … and love the picture too. Thanks for that. And where exactly is the trail?

  5. Hi Foo! Thanks so much for visiting! I had to google it because there were so many places we stopped along the way, but this stop was particularly amazing. It’s the Simpson Reed trail on Hwy 199 in Del Norte County, Cal, just off of the 101. I’ve never stopped here before this trip, even though I’ve been making the drive for 16 years now. I’m so glad I did!

  6. Dan! You, if anyone, seems to be closer to figuring this out than most of us. Thanks for your help along the journey. I appreciate you!

  7. Ah, nice … that looks very much like my backyard, aka the Olympic National Park in Washington state. The freeze-frame of the mid-stride is what makes that pic, though.

  8. Thank you, Jim. The Olympic National Park is the only forest I’ve ever seen that rivals my hometown. And Mt. Rainier is just stunning. I lived in Puyallup for a few years as a kid and have very good memories of it. Thanks for visiting and commenting on the photo. It’s one of my favorites from the trip.

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