Courtesy Notice

August 27, 2007

Apparently I am in a grumpy, grouchy, not-to-be-pleased mood today, so everyone within 500 miles of me, here’s your warning. She Who Would Like To Be Obeyed is on a rampage again, and it always leaves me feeling nauseous. This time is no exception.

Please also note that you will not see any photos of me looking grumpy and grouchy on my Flickr page — it goes against the image I’m trying to be/create, thank you very little. Suffice it to say that I have this very deep crease between my eyebrows that forms whenever I’m grumpy and serves as an instant warning to anyone who approaches.

Add my Garth glasses to the furrowed brow, and I’m pretty much anyone’s nightmare. (And no, you won’t see pictures of me in my glasses on Flickr either. When you grow up as a cross-eyed kid whose last name rhymes with four-eyes, glasses don’t really have that sexy J-Lo appeal, if you know what I’m sayin.)

Jon caught that look once (just once!) on video when LJ shoved my arm off of his carseat last year in a moment of ownership. Had I realized I was being taped, I bet you I wouldn’t have made that face. I find myself once again thanking God and my lucky stars that he didn’t answer my prayer for fame as an actress. The paparazzi and I would not get along. Of that I am quite certain.

I also was just informed that my blouse was on inside out. It’s nearly 3 p.m.

If that doesn’t tell you my mental state, I don’t know what will. I can see the headline now: “Angela so disoriented that she wears clothing inside out!” (And I wasn’t even drinking — what’s that tell you?!) In my defense, my favorite co-worker pointed it out only because she saw the tag, not because it looked wrong. In fact, it may have actually looked better inside out.

I did get a nice note in my inbox today from the friendly horoscope people who tell me that today is going to be crap because of tomorrow’s lunar eclipse. Since I’d already put my shirt on wrong by the time I read that, I can’t think that it’s all just self-fulfilling prophecy.

I think I’d rather be back on vacation with my kids. Scratch that. I know I’d rather be back on vacation with my kids. Maybe just if I were with my kids, period. Doesn’t need to be vacation.

Such a crick in my neck, I’m telling ya.

More to follow. I promise.



  1. But WHAT is it that’s made you grumpy? Or is it just an organic, cyclical curmudgeonly spiral into the bowels of blackest Hades?

    Wearing your top inside out isn’t weird. It would be funny if you wore your bra inside out, though.

  2. Hi Jim! I’d like to blame this most recent bout on the lunar eclipse, a recent tantrum from LJ’s mom or (gasp!) being pregnant. Since I’m probably not pregnant, and wouldn’t have known that there was a lunar eclipse unless someone had written it down, I’ll probably have to go with Door Number Three and say that I’m worn down from dealing with my stepson’s mother and her anger/control issues. They don’t mesh well with my own. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Uh-oh, I believe I live within 500 miles of you. But, I promise to be gentle — really I will.
    I was once talking to a colleague — actually we were both standing at urinals at work, when he said to me (he didn’t ‘turn’ to say it, because that’s ‘just not done’ in such a male domain. Anyway, he let off a deep sigh and said: “Ever have one of those lifetimes?” That, dear, is sort of what I get from you today. But, it will get better. Promise.

  4. Ian, thank you! That’s the first laugh and genuine smile I’ve had all day. Thank you for your encouragement. I just know that when someone points it out to me that it must be pretty bad, because normally I’m a cheerful person (even when I don’t feel as cheerful inside). It was pointed out to me today that I was grouchy, and I thought it would help to work it out a little here. So far so good. Bless you.

  5. At least nobody ever died from being grouchy. Well, not the grouch, anyway. A Monday back at work after a vacation is enough to do one’s mood in, lunar eclipse or not.

  6. Ang, my dear … I’d take a million of you on a bad day than just one of some other folks I know on a good day!


  7. Nothing like a bevy of adoring male groupies to cheer up a grumpy girl, right?

  8. Jane ~ thank you for your empathy. Since we share our kids with our exes, there’s always this jarring transition that occurs when they’re gone (especially the little one because that separation is much longer than the one with my daughter). This one was harder to deal with than others, especially because the vacation was so good.

    Dan ~ I just love you. Thank you, my friend. You are a true dear. If I can learn to love the way you love, I’ll be a better person.

    Jim ~ Thanks for the smile this fine morning! I’ll have to say that it really depends on who is doing the adoring. This crowd is incredible, so I think I may just need to kvetch more often. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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