I suck at tags

September 2, 2007

(Or “Music that Means Something to Me”)

So unbelievably enough, I think I may be able to actually finish up the song tag from CS that she kindly bestowed on me months and months ago. I’m still working on watching the movies so that I can respond to Richardo’s tag, as well, but having at least six movies to go before I can speak intelligently about who I thought should have won at the Oscars is going to take some time. (I did get The Prestige in last night, though. Okay flick. Not as good as The Illusionist, in my mind.)

One thing at a time, though! The original tag from CS (who was sent it by another blogging friend) was about songs on a iPod. Not having an iPod, I changed it up a little, which she gave me permission to do, fortunately. (I’m not good at following rules, anyway.)

So without further ado, I’d like to present: Songs of My Life (categorized for easy viewing and reference) Please note that I was incredibly wound up on the day I originally wrote this and linked far too many of these songs to their amazon.com clip. Of course, since I appreciate my own ingenuity, I’m having a good time today clicking on them. Hope you have fun. Let me know some of yours!

We’ll begin with “Favorites to play on the player piano as a kid”:

Turkey in the Straw, Bluegrass
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It’s Flavor On the Bedpost Overnight? (although the version here is not the one great-grandad had on the piano — this is the more modern version — but it’s what I found for your listening pleasure)
You’ll Never Walk Alone, Carousel

Favorite radio tunes during upper elementary/middle school:

Mandy, Barry Mannilow (I know. I know. I’m a total sap for Barry Mannilow. Add me to the list!)
Wildfire, Michael Martin Murphy
Rainy Day People, Gordon Lightfoot
Carry On Wayward Son, Kansas (Lifetime favorite — see funeral section)

Most over-listened-to songs in my tape deck in high school/early college:

Livin’ on a Prayer
, Bon Jovi
Love Bites, Def Leppard
Angel, Madonna (because what ’80’s girl’s collection is complete without a Madonna song?!)
Straight Up, Paula Abdul — yes, I was W-I-L-D about this song and so wanted to be a Lakers’ cheerleader after this.
Funky Cold Medina, Tone-Loc

Favorite songs to have guitar sing-alongs to in my mid-20s:

Please Come to Boston, Dave Loggins
Feelin’ Groovy (that decade’s theme song, even though I was feeling anything but — it’s what I wanted, dammit)
Love, Me, Colin Raye

Other songs that I’ve loved as long as I can remember:

Shook Me All Night Long
Sweet Home Alabama

(Because who in their right mind doesn’t love these two songs?!)

Favorite songs to bang away at on the piano:

On My Own, Les Miserables
Annie’s Song, John Denver
Speak Softly Love, Theme to The Godfather
Where Do I Begin. Theme to Love Story
Seasons of Love, Rent, the musical
Castle on a Cloud, Les Miserables

Songs I’ve sung publicly that I loved the most (Yes, this includes Karaoke — the first two)

Killing Me Softly, Roberta Flack
Too Late, Carole King
You’re the One, Karen Carpenter
Girl from Ipanema,
Amazing Grace (at the Pima County Courthouse – long story. It was a request.)
Beethoven’s Ninth (as part of a choir in college backing up the philharmonic)
My Funny Valentine

Songs I love now because of Jon:

Fly Me to the Moon
There Will Never Be Another You
Have You Met Miss Jones
Sudden Samba
When Sunny Gets Blue
Pure Imagination

Most requested lullabies:

Turn Around
, Harry Belafonte (except I changed, “a wife with babes of your own” to “a woman with a life of your own” — no need to set her up that way, you know? If it’s not for her, it’s not for her.)
Momma’s Gonna Buy You A Mockingbird
Little Lamb

If I chose the songs at my funeral they would be:

Carry On Wayward Son, Kansas (and I want it played LOUDLY)
Moon River
Where Do I Begin

Songs I would still like to sing in some outdoor venue before I die:

Landslide, Fleetwood Mac
Hit Me With Your Best Shot

It’s also been a little while since I posted a video, so I thought I would share my little experiment with imperfection, also known as Me Playing My Piano.

Normally, I would have put on lipstick or at least brushed my hair (my stubborn refusal to remain blond has left my hair fried and unmanageable, very much like Garth’s). I also normally would have taped it over and over until I had a copy where I didn’t make so many mistakes or at least not had my dog’s butt as the center point.

However, I’ve been thinking this week about some of my perfection/control issues, and I’m really wanting to practice what I preach and let go a little bit.

As someone who has performed all her life (and not made a hell of a lot of mistakes), this video is more for me than for you. If you watch it, thank you for your grace and forgiveness at my bad piano playing on a piano that I gleefully purchased for $300 with my tax refund four years ago.

I’d like to hope that if I were hit by a truck today and taken out that Jon would find this blog after I die (because Franny will tell him) and know how much I loved him and how grateful I am for this time we’ve shared together. He was the reason I watched “Love Story” for the first time, and he has been my love story in real life. I know that he is grateful for me and the peacemaking I’ve done these last couple of years, but I hope he knows how grateful I am for him. He has made this crazy ride worth it.

An Experiment in Imperfection



  1. I’m sorry … were you playing something? I was too busy looking at your boobs to notice. 🙂

    And watching your dog stretch in his/her sleep on the floor in the background.

    Lovely playing, my friend. We want “Freebird!”

  2. Hehehehe. Good morning, Jim! You caught me. This is actually part of a tag I did for CS that I haven’t been able to edit yet. You’re too quick! And, by the way, I was thinking this morning how you still haven’t answered my questions. So private for someone who draws people out. If it wasn’t for Victoria Secret padding, I’d have no boobs at all. 😉

  3. And p.s. Isn’t my dog’s butt hilarious? This video is so imperfect in so many ways, I hardly know where to begin. From my Garth hair to the big blue wall, not to mention the fact that I really don’t play piano for shit. BUT, I kept thinking that if I die and Franny finally tells Jon about this blog that this would be my little message from the grave. (I know, I’m so melodramatic — it’s just who I am.)

  4. What a delightful blog from a delightful person, and I loved the video. Sweet Home Alabama and Beethoven’s 9th work for me wonderfully well, as do many of your other choices. And, my dear, ‘Fly Me To the Moon’ was ‘our song’ when I had my first genuinely steady girlfriend when I was 18. We used to croon it to each other, among other things we did which I won’t elaborate on. This blog just really brightened up a rainy BC days.

  5. That is the way to do it! Buying a piano for 300. I learned never to shop for one after drinking a bottle of wine.

    Your playing is wonderful as is your choice of songs! Thank you for sharing.

  6. By the way, Angela, thank you for your kind and highly thoughtful words on my last posting. They are highly appreciated. Actually life for me is going well for the most part. Good relationship, good health (when last I looked) and an appreciation for ‘smallness’ rather than grandiosity. I, like you, did a great deal of personal work and my last decade has been the best in my life. But, your thoughtfulness doesn’t go amiss. You are just a perfect example of why I love certain people I’ve met in this blogging realm.

  7. I’d like to request “Don’t Stop Believin'” That song spanks on the piano.

    You know what’s funny about your song meme? I bet I can tell the age, within one year, of anybody based on their responses. I can tell Angela is about five years younger than me (42). The Bon Jovi was a dead giveaway!

    This gives me a blog idea: “Ten Songs That Magically Whisk You Back To Senior Year Of High School” ….

  8. Bravo! Excellent.
    You are brave and wonderful to perform for your blog audience.
    And I love the fact your dog was in the video!

  9. Your imperfection is a heck of a lot closer to perfection than mine. I can’t even play a kazoo.

    So you liked The Illusionist better than the Prestige? I think I saw the end of The Illusionist Coming about 10 seconds into the movie. The Prestige was awesome. Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, Memento) hasn’t disappointed me yet.

  10. Ian ~ So glad to have brightened a day that should be sunny! How about “When Sunny Gets Blue”? There’s another one I love. Cheers and many good wishes.

    Pool ~ Good advice! The piano story is one of those gifts-from-the-universe to me stories. I am grateful everytime I sit down at that thing.

    Jim ~ 🙂 It seems that I have vastly misled you with my musical capabilities. I wish I had that song! Your meme would be perfect! You could also ask piano players which collections they have (i.e. I have the Greatest Hits of 87/88 and 88/89.) Pegs me, doesn’t it? And yes, I think I’m five years and one month younger. Which month/day are you?

    Hi Beth! Thanks so much for visiting. I really love your bravery and take on life, too!

    Diesel ~ I did. (Hanging her head in shame) Because of your incredible intelligence, you were able to see through what they were doing. I, being of average intelligence, was fooled up until the final stage appearance. I can see why you would like the Prestige, though. It was a good flick. It just didn’t have the magic for me that The Illusionist did.

  11. Hey, I’d forgotten all about that tag! I’m glad you did it – it’s so intersting to know what music moves you. And I love the way you changed “Turn Around” – I will definitely sing it that way from now on. There is a folk song I learned in girl scouts that has the line, “I will marry at thy will, sir” that I changed as a kid to “I will marry at my will, sir.”

  12. C ~ :)! It was funny to me how long I struggled with this. I think that it’s because music is just so personal to me and I didn’t have an IPod to just refer to. Isn’t it funny how some things hit us (like song lyrics that encourage marriage and children)? I just couldn’t sing it the original way in good conscience. I felt like my mother groomed me for years for marriage and babies and it was part of my undoing (which turned out to be a good thing after all). Ah, life!

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