Can you guess?

September 4, 2007

Smokey vs. the helicopter

Okay, class, here we go. A quick quiz for you. Can you determine why Ang & Jon put this video together in the first place?

Was it:

A) For your enjoyment

B) To show off their REALLY blue carpet

C) Because they’re hoping to win $10,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos

D) Because they were coping with family problems and trying to cheer themselves up

E) Any combination of the above

F) Other


  1. Any combination of the above as well as ‘other’ works for me, my dear. But, I do love the blue carpet, and the dog is great. Oh, and do enter it in the Funniest Home Videos, too.
    By the way, Angie, I must tell you how much I appreciate the honesty and candor of your comments on my blog. The manner in which you approach life definitely makes you my kind of people, and you don’t meet a lot of those.

  2. I’m guessing all of the above – and to show what kind of fun there can be had in teasing a dog (with love, of course.) My kids do “pretend” fights which drive our dog crazy – who to protect?? Who to attack? (As if he ever would…)
    All in good fun – and the dog gets exercise as well!

  3. Ian ~ Thank you so much. I definitely feel like I’m in your camp, whichever camp that is. I am grateful to know you and feel less alone knowing that there’s someone out there who sees the world in much the same way.

    Hi Beth! So funny. We used to do that when we were kids with my Elkhound. It was great fun. Looking back I just think, “Poor dog!”

  4. That is some blue carpet! I suppose you all did it for all the above reasons. Funny dog. Ever try the flash light trick with puppy?

  5. I’m going to say the blue carpet answer. I’ve already forgotten which letter it is, but I’m counting on you to figure that one out.

  6. Poor dog! If you’re careful that dog is going to get sweet revenge … maybe even poop under your bed as you sleep. Or, worse yet … ON your bed as you sleep! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Funny video Ang! But don’t tell the dog I said so!

  7. I’d say all of it, but mostly F) because torturing pets is so much fun! I’ve discovered that if I move the cursor around on the screen, the kitten will bat at it endlessly with her paw.

  8. Hi Pool! Isn’t the carpet BLUE? It’s so blue. But I’m grateful for it because it and the big blue wall are most likely the reasons the house was on the market as long as it was, which allowed us to buy it at a good price at exactly the right time we were needing it. I love how the universe works that way.

    DD ~ Hooray for blue carpet. That’s not actually why we did it, but it seemed like a serious side benefit of this answer. Oh, and so you could see the nasty green water in the fish tank. Here’s to an imperfect life!

    Hi Dan! If you notice, though, my dog’s tail is going like crazy and he’s smiling because he feels like he protected us from the nasty bug. I wonder what Lulu would have done . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi CS! Torturing pets (in a sweet way, of course) is such a blast, especially when they’re enjoying the torture as was the case here. I am completely in love with your cat. Envy. Deadly sin. I know. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s to a life with menageries that cheer us up.

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