A simple prayer

September 5, 2007

This is my life

let me be lost in it for always

let me savor each moment
each taste
each opportunity

to laugh
to learn
to love

let me be here




(Photo credit once again belongs to The Firefly Forest.)



  1. That is simply beautiful…

  2. That was absolutely gorgeous. Both the pic and the post.

  3. lovely. What a great photo.

  4. Thanks, everyone. This is what I strive for: peace and simplicity . . . oh, and love. Let’s not forget love. (But I’m not sure that true love can come without peace, so I’m after that first of all) Happy Thursday!

  5. “Simple” but powerful.

  6. May I borrow this from you, Angela? what a wonderful prayer and one that captures my view of life so succinctly. But, I suspect you would know that it would with me since you have that uncanny empathy.

  7. Hi Beth, Thank you. I’m wanting so much to simplify my life and really put some of those simple abundance principles back to work. I need it. Thanks for stopping by!

    Ian ~ Of course! I’m flattered. Just a simple little thing that was rumbling around in my brain. It’s good to have fellow travelers, isn’t it? I hope your Thursday is lovely.

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