Can’t say it any better than this

September 6, 2007

Unless, of course I had a yummy Bartles & James wine cooler in my hand. With my thanks to the cafe owner in Eastern Oregon who put this up so I could snap it on our trip. Thanks, everyone, for your kind thoughts. They’re really helping, and I am very grateful for the way you have shared your stories and good wishes. I cherish that. Thank you.




  1. I had not thought of Bartles and James in forever. How funny!

  2. Hi Seventh Sister! Thanks so much for the visit. My brain is a bit strange, so welcome to the inner workings that remember things like 25-year-old wine cooler commercials. Cheers!

  3. I had a wine cooler for the first time in years and years at teh beach this summer. It’s like adult soda.

  4. CS ~ They’re almost too fruity for me now. Almost. 😉

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