Changes in attitude

September 7, 2007

Folks, I just found this online and have had a wake-up call of what going through true hell must feel like. I wouldn’t advise anyone watch the video. (The thought of it pretty much terrified me.) But if you’re feeling low like I was/am, if this doesn’t jerk you back into being grateful for your life, I don’t know what will. It most certainly is true that there will always be someone dealing with something more difficult than what we’re going through.

Mother (Accidentally – my insertion) leaves daughter in car for 8 hours

I can’t even imagine. I’d be hysterical.

As a p.s. I did watch the video and I didn’t think it was bad at all. Maybe I’m just jaded, but there were some weird things going on in there that make for an interesting study in human emotion. It shouldn’t have the gore warning that was placed on it, IMHO.



  1. I don’t think I will watch the video.
    Stuff like that (just guessing by your description) makes nauseates me.
    But I do get the whole thing with “Man, I feel like crap, but I could have it so much worse.”
    When I was going through some bad breakup stuff a couple of years ago, I just had to keep that in mind.
    I have family, I have friends, I have a good job and a roof over my head and I don’t go hungry.
    In the grand scheme of life, a marriage breaking up is bad, but not the end of the world.
    In the grand scheme of my life, it isn’t even the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
    So yes, when I feel like the universe is out to get me, I look around and count my blessings.
    Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to bitch about things a little bit.

  2. ACG ~ I feel you. I am so on your page on this, which is why I think I just like you so well! Perception is (almost) everything. But I also believe that you can’t just say, “Oh, I have it better than 99.9% of the world’s population so therefore I have no right to kvetch.” I may not have a right to, but my emotions are still very real emotions and need to be acknowledged in order to be purged. That’s my theory anyway. Happy weekend with wishes for many simple pleasures for you!

  3. No matter how bad your own life is… there will always be someone worse off. And as sad as it may sound, it is the tragedy of others that helps us put things into perspective…

  4. Personally I think its hideous that there is a poll on the today show attatched to the news article. People are gross.

  5. Finally in middle age I learned the virtue of having “an attitude of gratitude” and my lovely and simpatico friend, it took me much too long to get there, but I am so grateful I did, and I know you are too. Maybe I’ll watch the video later. Right now we are going down to the Oregon dunes at Florence to have some fun in the sand. Since we are staying in Florence at this point, it won’t be much of a hike. Nice to pay a call this morning, regardless.

  6. Dawn ~ Absolutely.

    Pool ~ You know, the more I thought about it last night the more I completely agree with you. Especially after this recent Maddie incident, I am reminded to stop trying to make judgments based on what I know (which isn’t much).

    Ian ~ Yes, yes, yes! It helps so very much. Skip the video. It really doesn’t matter. Enjoy your trip!

  7. I watched it. I have been just this distracted and I really understand how it happens. More times than I can count I’ve arrived at work only to realize my kids are still sitting there quietly, waiting for me to take them to school. So I don’t judge this poor woman. God knows, she will be tormented by what happened for the rest of her life. You are right, it is hell. I hope she finds some peace.

  8. CS ~ I felt the same way . . . just thanking God and my lucky stars that my mistakes haven’t cost this much. I can only imagine what this must feel like and my heart breaks for her and her family.

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