More words of wisdom

September 21, 2007



  1. Oh yes,dear, one of the best, and it ties in so well with the acronym KISS, dontcha think? And may it all go one day at a time for you. Oh, I’d so like to sit down and talk with you sometime. Hey, could happen.

  2. Hi Ian ~ I found myself a bit worked up this week by people who wanted me to feel as anxious as they were feeling. Remembering to step back and take a breath has been helpful for me today. Not a big fan of pressure, am I. And yes, a talk would be just lovely!! Someday!

  3. “Easy does it” is the best way!
    (Doesn’t always work out like that, but, still – something to strive for…)

  4. Thanks, Beth! I’m glad you liked it. The first half of my life I was too uptight. I’m hopeful that I will be easier on myself and others during this second half. 😉

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