Window to my soul

September 24, 2007

circa 1992, also known as, “Unleashing my Inner Pool”



  1. Very cool, Miss Angela. But then again, so are you, so it fits.Interesting soul indeed that you have there. But, I suspected that.

  2. Hi Ian ~ Pool’s profile picture fascinates me, so as I played around with a new photo — I’m horribly bored with myself — this was one experiment. I like to think about this medium and what it affords us (or takes away from us) since it’s not face-to-face. I get stuck on concepts like this. But, again, I know you know. I felt somehow when I removed my photo that it became more impersonal. So now I’m playing a bit to see if posting just my eye recovers more of this blog’s soul. Curiosity. It keeps me out of trouble at least — when not getting me IN to trouble, that is! 😉

  3. I forgot to mention that it’s quite a lovely eye.

  4. I see you. Can you see us with that too?

  5. Thank you, Ian. Always the gentleman, you are. I appreciate you!

    Hi, V.! Most of the time I feel like I can. It’s a lovely sight. 🙂

  6. My goodness, what a lovely eye. If someone had asked, I would have said your eye looks like Nicole Kidmans!

  7. Thanks, Pool! That’s a pretty big compliment coming from you. Are we having margaritas soon, or what? In my fantasy life, I am Nicole. 😉

  8. Nice photo – I had always been struck by Pool’s avatar as well.

  9. Thanks, CS. Her avatar is totally mesmerizing. They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. I want to be like her.

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