September 25, 2007




  1. is that your garden? Its beautiful. Even the little doodle bug is cute in it!!

  2. Hi Pool! Needing a zen moment I went home yesterday for lunch and deadheaded my flowers. The doodle bug was a whimsical purchase that I still love and looking at her yesterday I thought to myself, “You know, I would like to just sit here and swing in the flowers for a bit.” Since I know that fall is fast approaching, I wanted to capture the beauty of the flowers before they were gone. Happy day to you and yours!

  3. May your gardens (inner and outer) always bloom for you in such a charming fashion. Moment of zen, indeed. I like your take on life, ma’am, and so very nice to know you.

  4. Thank you, Ian. I am blessed. Thanks for being one of my kindred spirits on this journey. It is good to know you, too, my friend.

  5. what a beautiful garden! wanna come help me with mine? 😉 like that bug thingy too. don’t see her hands though.

  6. oh i saw the hands, it was just camouflaged with the background leaves.

  7. Thanks, Foo! Her arms do get lost in the picture a bit. And my little garden looks infinitely better close up. In the pictures where I’ve pulled back, you can see all the weeds. Ahhhh. Weeds, always weeds.

  8. Beautiful! Inspires me to try and bring my front-porch garden back to life…

    Want to come to Key West and help me? 🙂

  9. That’s lovely. I’m so looking forward to spring and working in a yard of my own. Guess I’ll spend part of the winter dreaming and planning…

  10. CS ~ Yes. I look forward to those photos. Hooray!

  11. Reesepie ~ I would LOVE to come to Key West. I really am a crap gardener, but I’ve learned that if you get the camera in really close that it makes for better pictures. Maybe this is the Better Homes & Gardens secret?

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