Happier stuff

September 25, 2007

“Anshee, the ban is blue and gray — a light blue gray. You gonna love it.” (referring to the van that Jon rented when he flew down to visit this last weekend. As much as we tried to tell LJ that it would be just Daddy visiting, all of us were feeling the separation, and he kept waiting for Babs and me to show up. I had a good cry over it after this conversation.)

“I’m sure I would, Sweetie. I wish I could be there with you.”

“You gonna love it.”



  1. I love that picture. I know I’m supposed to hate kids and all, but I love that picture.

    The blue bra was a good choice, by the way. 🙂

    How long is he gone?

  2. Sad for you all – especially for the little guy.

  3. Hi Jim! Thanks. I have one where he’s got the “who the hell is this holding me, dad” look. It’s funny.

    Not sure if it matters, but that was my swimsuit. Arizona. Gotta love it.

    ‘Til tomorrow. LJ keeps asking to go to the airport. *hrumph*

    Thanks, Beth. We were talking about it today and it just really makes us appreciate all the more the times we have together. We didn’t fight during that god-forsaken 40-hour van ride because we were just all so happy to be together. “Umpa-loompa-doompadee-doo . . . ” It will all work out. We just keep keeping the faith and keeping on, you know? I don’t think she’s a bad person. I just think that she’s more interested in what she wants than in what anyone else wants or needs (including her son). That’s not unlike a lot of us, though. We just have conflicting wants. Sharing 50/50 would be really nice, though! 🙂 Maybe someday.

  4. What a little cutie patootie! Good that you are going down too. They are only little once and you should enjoy him as much as you can!

    The banshee is funny. Completely unexpected.

  5. Oooooh, I only wish I was going down, Pool. It’s the first trip in two years that it hasn’t been the four of us, and I’m all mopey about it. Work-schmurk. Expense-wreckspence. I’m wishing I would have taken it off anyway and charged the ticket. Being apart sucks. At least they’re having a good time, which is the super important part. I’m more like frosting on the cake, you know? 🙂 It is nice, though, I’ll tell you that just good ol’ dad isn’t as good as all of us. Warms the cockles of my little heart.

  6. I love when babies are in that fuzzy-headed stage. They look like downy ducklings. But I’m sorry for the sadness of that exchange.

  7. CS ~ Yes. We called it duckling hair. It was great. And thank you for your thoughts about LJ. It’s getting harder now that he can say, “I’m so sad. I want to go to airport, see daddy.” But it’s also motivating. It’s gotten some conversations started that had been being delayed. Hopefully it will all work out in the end. I have faith that it will.

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