A mother’s plea

September 26, 2007

Dear God,

Please send my husband home soon. I beg you. My daughter just took five inches worth of bangs in her left hand and a pair of scissors in her right. The result isn’t good. And I thought she was brushing her teeth. Good one, God.

Not laughing,

~ Angela

p.s. Must she add how cute she thinks it looks? It might look good on one of those girls on “America’s Next Top Model” when the rest of the hair is cut to match, but it looks more like a mullet on my daughter. Please send help soon. Thank you, oh you who continually seems to make jokes at my expense.



  1. Little hands, scissors and hair. Never a good combination. Thank God it grows.

  2. Hi, V.! Isn’t that the truth? I have a much more humorous attitude toward this than my post shows, but I do have my Tevye moments where I just throw my hands up with a “Why, God? Why?!” Apparently I have been throwing my hands up a lot in my mind lately. Maybe I should start doing it more in person. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Sometimes “Why God why?” is the best way to deal with things. Ask the question, and then let it go. My son never did serious damage with scissors, but he did go though a period where he insisted on beaded braids. At age 9. God love ’em.

  4. hehehe. My daughter did this right before her first day of kindergarten. I took her to get it “fixed” and said in a very calm and loving voice that next time she decides to take scissors to her hair, be prepared to have it shaved. I dread when she is a teen.

  5. Aw, c’mon Angie Beth, you have to laugh. I bet she looks adorable, in a lopsided way. This was very funny. Now, I am going to recommend a writer to you from days of yore. I am doing this because so many of your musings remind me of her. Her name was Betty Macdonald, and her best known book, that was made into a movie in the 1940s, was called ‘The Egg and I.’ Her tales were largely anecdotal, as are yours, and they were slice of life stuff. The sort of writing women do so much better than men. Anyway, Google either her name or The Egg and I and I think you can actually get some of her stuff on Amazon.

  6. As with most things, “this, too, willl pass”, or at least grow out. One of my daughters did it when she was about 3.

  7. What? No picture? I hope you took one. Every time one of my kids took scissors to hair, it was recorded for posterity – and future laughs.

  8. V. ~ Yes, God love ’em. They’re marvelous. Someone at work referred to my daughter as a “free spirit” today. It made me happy.

    Hi Pool! I kept waiting for the day when it would happen and had a good laugh remembering when I was 15 and cut bi-somethings in my hair. Remember those? I was trying to impress a boy who said he thought I’d look good with them. I didn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Ian ~ She *does* look adorable. That’s a HUGE part of the problem! I will definitely look up the woman you recommend. My shelf is never too filled for good writers!

    Thanks, Seventh Sister. I’m definitely laughing about it now, but all I could think of when she did it was how I’m going to deal with the growing-out phase. I think she’s going to look like Ryan Seacrest!

    Hi Beth! I will definitely need to take a photo and share. Perhaps a video of her explaining her “get it taken care of” attitude. They were in her way! That’s my girl. Way to be a problem solver!

  9. I bet my mom sounded something like that the time she came home and caught me letting a friend draw a tattoo on my arm with a permanent black marker.

  10. Okay, I think I am officially hooked on your blog. Two entries and I laughed out loud at both of them.

    I will be stalking some more of your entries.

    (God can be cruel … I think he likes to play games like that with me too…)

  11. Meleah Rebeccah ~ Yes, I believe that you and I may be soul sisters. What a wonderful day to have found you!

  12. Ha ha! They’ll do it every time! I still have a fantastic shcool photo of my little brother in first grade after he’d given himself a CHarless Manson-like haircut on his bangs. Don’t worry, it will grow out quickly.

  13. Hi CS ~ I’m actually loving it. It speaks to my daughter’s free spirit. The story later came out that one girl had supposedly gotten her hair cut short at the request of another girl and had asked Babs to do the same. Babs, being Babs, said that she was willing to chop her bangs, but not her “long, luscious locks” that she has worked so hard to grow. Good for her!

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