Bring it

September 27, 2007

Yeah, I have PMS — What of it? You want a piece of this? You ready to go? Are you? Yeah. I thought so. And don’t let me hear from you again, or Cousin Guido and I will have somethin’ to say about it, hear? No soup for you!




  1. been there, done that, got a lot of broken dishes to remind me why i’m glad it’s not a problem, any longer.

    my sister did her dissertation on PMS — and i was one of her study subjects. i learned a lot about myself during that — not that it helped, mind you, but at least i was able to recognize my “symptoms” in time to warn the kids. (“run away! run away!”) a’yup, Life’s a bitch, and so was I. 🙄

  2. You win!


  3. I am so grateful for menopause. 🙂



  4. It’s ok, you’re still pretty.

  5. My daughter told me I was schizophrenic tonight…
    yup – I was a bitch. Yelled at her, the dog and the cat simultaneously…
    Apologies all round in the end!
    PS- stop by and pick up your Break out Blogger Award!

  6. But did you call anyone a “fucking cunt?”

  7. Sorry, now I feel bad for using the “c” word on your blog.

  8. that’s your angry face??? Angela you can do better!

  9. Great attitude. Go with it – take on the world!

  10. PMS or not, you look just lovely to me. On the other hand, maybe I should just go to Wal Mart and get out of your pretty face.

  11. Neva ~ It’s so good to see you! I hope all is well in your world. Thanks for the commiseration!

    Hi Kiyotoe ~ You are too kind. (Or too trained.) This PMS stuff is not for sissies. (And relationships with women who *have* PMS aren’t for sissies, either.) Cheers!

    Chani ~ Yes. I’m grateful just for the *thought* of menopause. I hate that I can *know* why I’m feeling so irritable or crying and not be able to stop it. As Spock would say, “That’s completely illogical!”

    Reesepie ~ Would you be my new best friend? You are absolutely adorable. Thank you!

    Dawn ~ Life. It’s a wild ride, isn’t it? And THANK YOU for the award. That is so cool. I feel honored and humbled. Thank you.

    ACG ~ Not yet! 😉 And please don’t censor yourself here. We’ve censored ourselves enough for one lifetime, don’t you think?

    Hi Iz! So glad to have you here. That’s actually not my angry face at all — that was just a pic Jon took of me while I was talking. That’s my talking face. My angry face is totally not presentable, I’m sure. I have a picture of my angry face somewhere — I’ll have to go find it.

    Thanks, Beth! When I saw this picture, the words came to mind and it made me laugh. I’m not actually sure if I had PMS or not. (I don’t think I did.) Sometimes a girl’s just got to shore up her inner Bruce Lee, you know?

    Hi Ian ~ Thank you. I’ve been playing around with images of me lately (if it hasn’t been totally obvious) and wanted a very recent picture up for authenticity’s sake. This was from the most recent round of photos and seeing it made me laugh. “What *was* I saying?” I thought to myself. This post just grew from there. Being the completely vain leo that I am, the photos of me with a double chin just *weren’t* going to make the page. Ah, vanity. Hope all is well with you!

  12. I just found you through Dawn on Twisted Sisters…. What a hilarious post!

    PMS is the worst, but I think its worse for the people around me!

  13. Meleah Rebeccah ~ Thank you! Life truly is better because of Jerry Seinfeld. Thank God for re-runs.

  14. Okay, at the risk of pissing off the women here, I’m going to ask: While I don’t doubt that the pain and discomfort of PMS is very real, how much is it about getting a ready-made excuse and a free pass to be a bitch for a few days a month?

  15. Hi, Jim! I think you only risk pissing off the ones who are PMSing! 🙂 I suppose that’s my answer to your question. Personally, I don’t sit around saying, “Oh, dammit. It’s not the 18th yet, and that’s the day I’m allowed to PMS so I’d better keep my kvetching to myself.” How complicated! But the swing in emotions is so obvious that I can’t blame it on anything BUT PMS (as much as I truly hate to, because for me, it’s a control issue — i.e. how could something stupid like PMS get the best of me). But I truly FEEL differently, and I just try to hide myself away and talk as little as possible, knowing that I’m not “balanced,” for lack of a better word. I also think there’s a sliding scale of what women go through and another sliding scale of people who will use *anything* as an excuse to bitch, so there you have it: my two cents for tonight. Just be glad it doesn’t happen to you!

  16. Bring it!!!! Hahahaha. Let em have it Ms. Ang. Oh, you can ease your grip on the bag of chocolate. I doubt anyone will come near enough to grab it.

  17. I was off my head three days ago and then started my period the next day. Pretty good evidence to me.

  18. Thanks, Pool! Embracing my inner Chuck Norris has been a long and painful process — how to go from being a doormat/people pleaser to someone who stands up for herself in appropriate situations and appropriate ways. I’m so much closer than I used to be and it feels good, good, good. I guess it’s my version of stopping the insanity. Remember that lady? Whatever happened to her?

    Reese ~ I have never identified more with crazy people than I do for that day or two each month. It’s awful. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I just keep thinking, “This is what crazy feels like.” Ugh.

  19. If that’s how you look at your worst, I don’t even want to talk to you anymore. Seriously.

  20. I love your site! You are obviously younger than me but we have a lot of the same thought patterns on life! Hope it continues to get better. I love your blog entitled “A Day of Atonement”!

  21. not to self — never talk to Ang around this time of the month 😉

    soup nazi! that’s a hilarious seinfeld episode. I am rolling of my chair in laughter just thinking about it.

    btw: if that’s your angry face, it doesn’t seem that bad — or is it just me 😉

  22. oops i meant “note” not “not”. darn quick clicky fingers.

  23. Hi CS! Oh, no. That’s the BEST of the bunch. The other photos were not Internet worthy, so they didn’t make it, but in this one I wasn’t smiling, so I made the PMS thing up to go with it. Nope. Still too vain to post the bad pics. But I have them. Oh, boy, howdy, do I have them. 🙂 I actually look like Jabba the Hut in real life. I’m just usually photogenic and it doesn’t come through the Internet real well. 😉

    Thanks, LC! So glad to have you hear. I, like Anne of Green Gables, am *always* looking for kindred spirits. I’ll have to visit your site. And thank you for your kind words about my post. I try to remember to balance the humor with the real depth that I feel but don’t seem to express enough. I’m enjoying this growth phase (for the most part).

    Hi Foo! Hehehehehe. Don’t worry. Most people don’t even know — including my husband. I think I have it easier than a lot of women. I’ll have to re-double my efforts for a picture of me angry. There’s only one around that I know of. This is actually my “talking face.” Jon just caught me saying something — God only knows what.

    😉 to the clicky fingers. They get me all the time, too.

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