Would you like some Nyquil with that?

October 1, 2007

What was that phrase? “Feelin’ California. Lookin’ Minnesota”? Kids, I don’t feel well.

Yep. The Heebie Jeebies got my number and came a’ callin. So forgive me while I am absent and recuperating. This little engine ran out of steam.

Damn. I hate when that happens.

BUT BECAUSE I THINK OF YOU ALL THE TIME, here’s a funny to help get you through your Monday . . . whoops, Tuesday.

See you on the happy (and well) side.


My thanks to BBoop for the creativity. For more funny wooden signs, click here. Cheers, everyone!



  1. Ohhh, the same bug bit me. I’b all sthuffed up in the nothe. Get better thoon.

  2. I’m sorry, dear, that you’re feeling out-of-sorts, and hope you’re back on track soon. I like my whimsical and wise daily shots of Angie Beth. I get the same way at times, and sometimes inexplicably (but, I suspect you already knew that, you psychic, you). My ex used to refer to such feelings as “A visit by the Blue Meanies.” Be well, my friend, and take all the time you need.

  3. PS. Just to brighten your day, hopefully, a tiny bit at least, I gave you an award. Please check out my blog.

  4. Feel better Angela!

  5. Recharge that engine – rest, recuperate and feel better soon!

  6. Cute. and, uh, yah, if your passing out the nyquil I’ll have a swig. or two.

  7. Angela-

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    Have a great week!
    Judd Corizan
    The Rising Blogger

  8. In “Breakfast At Tiffany’s,” Audrey Hepburn called it “the mean reds.”

    Here’s to being back in the pleasant pink.

    Take care of yourself, Angie.

  9. V. ~ I hope *you* feel better soon, too. Thanks for the good wishes!

    Hi Ian ~ Thank you! I’m trying to learn to just ride the wave and realize that I can’t be well *all* the time (both physically *and* emotionally). This whole honoring-what-is idea is really helping me. And THANK YOU for the award. You are too, too kind. I feel special now. Awwwww.

    ACG ~ Thank you! It seems to have run its course, so I’m doing much, much better without a lot of fall out.

    Thanks, Beth! I guess I’m still trying to realize that you can run a car on an empty tank of gas *all* the time.

  10. Hi Pool ~ Come on over and sit next to me a while. We’ll throw some back.

    Hi Jim! Ahhhh, too long since I’ve seen that movie. Time to break it out again. Great suggestion. Hope you’re doing well!

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