Opinions are like assholes

October 5, 2007

. . . . everyone has one.

And my never-to-be-humble opinion today (in the realm of politics, no less, which is normally off-limits for me, but in this case, I can no longer contain myself and simply must share) is:

Larry Craig is a waste of my tax dollars.

The end.


  1. Well, I’d have to agree with you on that. His hedging was so obvious from the very beginning. I tend to be suspicious of people who speak with too many qualifiers.



  2. agree agree and agree! i can think of a lot of others too but that’ll be take too long.


  4. Hi Chani! Ack. Politicians. Wish I could trust ’em. Just don’t. End of story. But this one pushes my buttons, and I get so tired of people who are or are trying to be slick. Just be real. Be who you are. And stop trying to tell the rest of us that you are against something that you’re doing. What a load of bunk.

    Hi Foo! Can you imagine how long that list would be? I can’t even think of it.

    Meleah! So glad to have made you laugh. At least we all got *that* out of this whole stupid thing. Maybe he’ll just go away now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

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