On blended families

October 10, 2007

Do you think they call them blended families because the way you make them is by throwing men, women and children in an actual blender (or food processor for that matter) and pushing the “grate” button until everyone is chopped to hell?

I found this online today and can identify.



A blender is one of those essential countertop appliances. Used for making smoothies, shakes and malts, it also comes in handy for pureeing, chopping and even crushing ice.


Difficulty: Easy (Author’s Note: Bwahahahahahaha)


Step One

Measure the space where you plan to store your blender. Pay special attention to height.

Step Two

Decide on a metal or plastic base. Metal is more durable and keeps the appliance more steady when it is in use, but generally costs more.

Step Three


Choose a glass or plastic jar. Blenders with glass jars are generally more stable, but also more expensive. A glass jar is also quite a bit heavier than plastic.

Step Four


Check the number of settings available and decide which most closely fit your needs. A pulsing function is especially useful. (Author’s insertion: Oh, you know I just want to comment on this one!)

Step Five

Look for special features on the lid that will make it possible to add ingredients while the blender is running.

Step Six

Choose the color you want. Colors are generally available only if you choose a plastic base.

Step Seven

Study warranty and service options.

Step Eight

Before buying, read the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure the blender has all the features you are looking for.

Tips & Warnings

* Blenders with push-button controls are notoriously difficult to clean. Check for special cleaning features that will make cleanup easier.

Anyone know where I can get some special cleaning features?


  1. I’m scared to hear how you would define “nuclear families” ….

  2. aahhh… nothing like a good blender!

  3. Hi, Jim ~ 🙂 Don’t get me started on nuclear families. But thanks for mentioning it. The phrase made me laugh.

    Meleah ~ You can do a lot of good things with blenders — Margaritas being one of my favorites.

  4. I swear, two out of every three “blended” families I know have troubles. Too bad an instruction manual doesn’t come with these “blenders!”

  5. Beth ~ An instruction manual would be great! The baggage we bring is very, very heavy. That might be a good way to put it. It’s tough. Thanks for your sympathy.

  6. I need an instruction manual for marriage. Not that I’d read it or anything, but its good to know its there.

  7. Hi Pool ~ Always good to have something like that in the cupboard where we can pull it down when necessary. I think the best manual I ever read was John Gottman’s “The 7 Principals for Making Marriage Work” (or something like that). The most helpful phrase I learned from it? “Poor Baby.” It’s like a miracle cure, I tell you.

  8. Good heavens! I wish my blended family came with such detailed advice.
    Sometimes the best thing to do when the blended family crazy blues hits, is mix up a magarita. In the blender.

  9. mmmmm…tequila.

  10. Hi V. ~ I agree with Meleah: mmmmm . . . margarita. I’ve been finding that a long, hot bath is helping, too.

    Hi Meleah! Sometimes, it really is the best option.

  11. Chopped to hell. That’s what happened to me in my foray into a blended family. But, it can be very successful, too, and I know of many such families, and they warm my heart and make me feel envious. Yep, all it takes is the right blender.

  12. Hi Ian ~ It’s a rough go. That’s for sure. I think that it’s hard enough to be a family, period — a good one anyway. The extra issues that come from blended families require even more patience and love. It’s not an easy road — especially when stressed or tired. (Wow, you’d think I’d been there or something the way I talk about it.) I could use one of those whirlpool jacuzzis right now to do some gentle mixing.

  13. I have a jacuzzi whirlpool. Feel free to come and use it any time you’re in the neighborhood.

  14. Thank you, Ian. I think we should all have a pool party at your house. Pool, Meleah and I can bring the drinks!

  15. I don’t know – our blended family had its share of problems, but so did the family when it was still intact. Families are always filled with craziness.

  16. C ~ An excellent reminder. One of these days I’m going to oust all these ideal images in my head and I will be much more peaceful, I’m sure.

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