Today’s Funny

October 11, 2007




  1. My favourite cartoon is very similar. It is the family cats posting the dogs for sale on e-bay.Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. I’m so sad that Gary stopped cartooning – He is a large part of my childhood humor.

  3. Oh, I remember this one! I have all the Fra Side colections, I’m pretty sure. I love his twisted sense of humor.

    Whew! I’ve caught up! (for now…)

  4. haha! One of my favorites. I knew I liked you.

  5. Ahhhh… the classics…

  6. Once, at a newspaper workshop/conference I was talking to one of the editors of the Seattle Times (Gary Larsen’s home paper) and asked her what he was like. What he was like, according to her, was very scientific, kind of nerdy, extremely quiet and kind of difficult to get to know. Just thought you might be interested. Otherwise, I love the guy for his brilliant craft and miss him regularly. That was actually my 2nd favorite Far Side. My favorite is the sheep at a cocktail party that is getting out of hand, and one of them says: “Thank God, somebody called for a border collie.”

  7. V. ~ So funny! I’d like to see that one. This type of humor sustains me.

    Hi Reese! I can’t think of anyone who could do this remotely as well as Larson did. We still pass the daily calendar funny around the office every day. It’s awesome. It’s like reliving it all over and over (which, in this case, is a good thing).

    C ~ I can’t believe you read through all of that. You deserve an award or something. 😉

    Pool ~ We are bruthas from anutha mutha (or something like that) 🙂

    ACG ~ He’s so awesome. I can’t even begin to describe it.

    Ian ~ I can totally see that. (And think I may have heard that or read that he described himself in this way, as well.) Don’t you think that if he’d been different that we wouldn’t have these amazing cartoons? It seems that he channeled his energy into that quirky humor that he said he and his brother began when they were kids. The sheep cartoon is a scream. My favorite would have to be Gumby on the rack with the evil henchman saying, “Dammit. This thing just doesn’t seem to be working!”

  8. p.s. As I read the above comment, I think Gumby on the rack is a metaphor for my life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA evil henchman. Take that!

  9. I love this one. We still call it “cat fud” at our house.

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