Parental Unit update

November 3, 2007

Wow. That was a good visit. I mean a really, really good visit. Apparently God (or my parents) or some really cool force in the Universe read this blog, because Mom and Dad were really, really cool. They didn’t say one crappy thing about Jon or me the entire time! Better yet, they didn’t even act like they were holding their tongues about it!

Have I mentioned how cool they were?


I could get used to it.

Thanks Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this. That was awesome! If Babs knew I blogged, I’m sure that she would send a special word of thanks for the Build A Bear bear, and here’s a special thank you from me for including LJ in your list of gifts with the train buildings.

I always knew you guys could be that cool — that’s why the last few years have been tough.

Here’s to a great visit. Thank you, sincerely.

Your daughter,



  1. I read your post about the great visit with your parents, and that made me happy for you. Then I read that you have given me a “best kept secrets” award, and that made me happy for, well, me! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to write about this.

  2. Aww…. That is SOO awesome!

    I hope my mom and dad are “COOL” like that when I have to LIVE with THEM again.

  3. I’m happy for you! There is nothing better a great visit with parents!!!! Yeah!

    I need drugs or at the very least know that I have drugs available and in my purse in order to deal with Mom visits. We have a 24 hour rule. That means if we are still in each others presence after 24 hours all hell will break loose. After all we can only force pleasant conversation and safe topics for so long. Unfortunately.

  4. Hi V. ~ YAY! Two happies in one day. Fabulous! I keep meaning to get around and let folks know that I’m spreading the love, but I keep hoping they’ll just show up and find themselves the way you did. Happy weekend! (See, there’s three!) 😉

    Hi Meleah ~ Me, too!!!! Here’s hoping the best for you with fingers crossed.

    Hi Pool ~ Thanks. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that I only spent a maximum of two hours at a shot with them. Had they stayed at my home, I’m sure it would have been tougher. I’d need drugs, too, if that were the case.

  5. So there’s hope!
    (There usually always is…just hard to feel or see at times.)

  6. Whew!

  7. How nice for you all. And what a nice compliment about your parents. I’m happy for you. My parents never fell into the ‘cool’ category, and every visit was fraught with tension and anger and hurt feelings.

  8. Yea! Do your parents read your blog? My mother reads mine – and doesn’t seem to mind too much that I occassionally make disparaging remarks about my childhood.

  9. Hi Beth ~ There is! It was a huge relief, truly, because I wasn’t sure if we had turned some weird corner that we weren’t going to be able to navigate together or if it was just a bump in the road. Apparently it was just a bump. I’m so glad.

    Hi Reese ~ You said it!

    Hi Ian ~ Thank you. As I told Pool, it was better in small doses, but they really made an effort and everyone noticed. (I don’t think they wanted to be banned from my brother’s home, too, so they really stepped it up.) I’m sorry to hear that your relationship with your parents was such a tough one. I know that’s more common than not, unfortunately. I’m sure that it’s why so many of us become family with our friends more than we are with our family. I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s not such a bad thing, that this whole genetic linking crap is maybe just that . . . crap — and that the people we should *consider* family are those who treat us with love and respect, regardless of matching DNA.

    Hi CS ~ I don’t think so. Of course, they could surprise me, but my mom doesn’t keep secrets well (and Dad’s not really a reader). I have been vocal enough about my feelings about our relationship (for good or ill) that I doubt that anything I say would surprise them at this point. I’m just glad that they were as gracious as they were this trip. It was a definite change from last year. Holding the grandchildren hostage helped, I’m sure. 😉

  10. Excellent! I had my parents here this weekend, and since I’m going through a divorce the dynamic’s a bit odd. Like, they want to be supportive of me, but every so often there’s a comment of, “Well, is it REALLY over?” or “You may go home someday, you don’t know.”

    But this time, their visit was very pleasant. Very low key. Very much more, “We’re proud of how you’ve built your life so fast.”

    I’m glad your weekend went well!!

  11. My parents have both passed away. But I remember the time when I could finally visit without having to listen to a load of crap about my in-laws. Nice isn’t it?

  12. HI Jacque ~ I remember that dynamic well. It was hard — they didn’t really know what to do/say. So they ended up hiring a lawn service for me for the summer because, “Well, Angie, you’re just not the kind of person who mows her lawn.” Gee, thanks, Mom and Dad. I’m sure that if I were on top of my game right now that it probably wouldn’t be a problem, but since I’m a little less than my best self, thanks. I’m glad that your visit was a good one. Here’s to more of the same!

    Hi Dawn ~ I’m sorry to hear that (I think). I never want to presume, you know? That just being able to be in a room and have a conversation that isn’t charged with negativity is priceless. Just priceless.

  13. I’m so happy for all of you that your relationship is improving while they’re still alive. It may sound obvious, but it’s so much better to heal wounds now so you’re not left holding the bag later.

  14. Hi Heart ~ I’m happy for us, too. They met me in the middle, and I’m very, very grateful.

  15. You can’t ask for more than that. Nor can they. Differences are just that — differences, but relationships don’t have to be sacrificed to them.

  16. Heart ~ I completely agree. It felt good to have clear air. I hope it will continue to be that way but am coming to understand that the lower the expectations I place on things, the better off I am.

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