Time to date someone named Zicam

November 6, 2007

I had a feeling this was going to be a rough start when I had to grab a full box of Kleenex on my way to work today and went through half the box before I hit the parking lot of my building. I’m convinced that I will need to hire a germ squad to come and remove the kleenex that is littering the floor of my car.

It’s ugly, folks.

On top of that, I’m scaring people because I am stubbornly insisting on making coffee.

“Good morning!” they sing.

“Gob mooring,” I reply.

“Tired, huh?” they ask.

“No, I hab a code.”

“Crap. Sorry to hear that,” they tell me as they notice that I’m fondling the coffee filter packet, fumbling with the machine because dammit if the pot wasn’t empty already when I went to get a cup. “Are you making coffee?” they ask. Nervousness. Sheer and utter nervousness is in their voice.

“Don’t worry,” I tell them with some embarrassment *achoo!* “I washed my hamds really well.”

“Yeah, sure,” their eyes tell me, as they turn and walk out of the room.

What they really say is “Zicam. It works wonders.”

Zicam. I make a mental note to myself and vow that if I’m still here at lunch that Zicam and I have a date. I hope it doesn’t matter that I’m not looking/feeling my best. I do so love to make a good first impression.



  1. I am so sorry, Angie-Beth, but you see I gave that cold to you. I’m just getting over mine, and I suppose touching base with you transmitted it. But, dear, solace to you, it is a cyber-cold. You only have a virtual cold. Doesn’t that make you feel better?
    Now, be well as quick as you can.

  2. Oh, gee. I hope your cold gets better quickly! That has got to be so annoying. 🙂

  3. I”m sure you made exactly the right impression.

    Sorry you’re feeling bad, but think of the bright side — you have the whole pot of coffee to yourself!!

  4. Oh, my. Let me know if he’s the strong, silent type or more a sweep-you-of-your feet romantic. I’m flirting with a cold right now, but I’d much rather go out with Zicam if he’s a better option.

  5. hope you are better soon.

  6. Blah. It would be sheer terror on my face. I would have removed that pot from your hands, cleaned it, and sent you back to your desk. I also would have brought you a cup when it was done. But you would have been banned from the kitchen.

    Hope you are feeling better!!

  7. Ian ~ Did you give me this cold? It’s a good think I like you so well. And I’m thankful to hear that it’s only a cyber cold. Will it be gone when I unplug the computer?

    Chani ~ Thank you! I feel fairly miserable, but I think that’s how I’m *supposed* to feel with a cold, so I’m just trying to go with it.

    Heart ~ Yet another reason I adore you — always looking on the bright side! I think I’ve killed this cold with coffee and sugar cookies. I’m sure I’ll be better soon.

    Jacque ~ I ended up with some purple pills I’ve never seen before that the girls at work gave me. I think they’re helping. Something about Costco and being like Airborne? I’ll let you know. You know what happens when you flirt! 😉

    Seventh Sister ~ Thank you! I’m just riding the wave, you know?

    Pool ~ Yes, poor chap should have ripped that coffee pot right out of my hands. Everyone else here has had it, though, so I think I’m last on the list. Ha Ha on me for thinking I could avoid it!

  8. Ugh. I just got over a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago.
    I hate the syrups, so I took Wal-green’s generic cold tablets. They did such a great job of drying out my sinuses.
    The only downside was I was very thirsty the whole time I was on them.
    But I would rather drink more water than suffer with the cold.
    I hope you feel better.

  9. Oh… I hope you feel better / get over your cold quickly. I just got over being sick myself. Its that time of year I guess.

  10. Colds are nasty, nasty things. And you never get much sympathy when you have one. But you have my sympathy! Feel better soon.

  11. ACG ~ It never fails for me that the *instant* I start believing that somehow I will escape the nasty sickness that’s all around me, WHAM!, I’m laid out flat. Someday I’ll start watching for it and perhaps it will leave me alone.

    Meleah ~ Thank you! It really is that time of the year. I’m still upright, so I can’t complain too badly. I hope you’re feeling back to normal! (Whatever *that* is. LOL!)

    Hi Beth ~ Aren’t they, though? The answer is: yes, yes they are. Thank you for your kind wishes. I’m doped up on Nyquil at the moment and have all kinds of hopes for the 24-hour cold. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  12. My father used to swear that Cointreau liqueur cured a cold. Being orange based. It’s worth a try!

  13. V. ~ Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll need to pick some of that up, too!

  14. Okay, we definitely have some sort of cosmic connection – I got a cold at the same time!

  15. Hi C ~ And I hope you are feeling infinitely better, now, too! I stocked up today on cold medicine, so the next time it hits, I’ll be prepared and not have to either just suffer at home or drag my sick ass to Walmart.

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