While I’m under the weather

November 7, 2007

Is it true that a laugh a day keeps the doctor away? Here’s to laughter!




  1. Awesome!!!!!!

  2. I love The Count … “ONE! ONE peanut-butter sandwich! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!”

  3. We were just talking about the count at dinner tonight. How funny. And I’m pretty sure it was how he counts insane stuff, like mother fuckers. I’m surprised he only counted one though. I’ve met plenty. Of course there are a variety of them, like the insane mf, the ugly mf, the cranky mf, oh, the list goes on…

  4. This is hilarious!

  5. Was the count thinking of anybody in particular? I can name many more than just merely one. Meanwhile, are you feeling much, much better? Hope so. And thanks for the laugh.

  6. Wow. That brought back memories of hours of watching Sesame Street with the kids. (Well, I didn’t really sit down and watch every show but I definitely heard everything…)
    Loved that guy’s accent.

    Feel better soon!


    Feel Better

  8. Oh, that’s spectacular. 🙂 That just got saved and forwarded to the office kids!

    Feel better!!! 🙂

  9. ya know… this hilarious post goes rather nicely with the one we have in the Snark today… (just sayin’, i should have linked HERE, too!) 😉 xox

  10. There’s a Sesame Street exhibit at the local children’s museum here. I annoyed the heck out of my wife by continually doing my impersonation of The Count. I love The Count.

  11. I’m so glad you all liked this. I had been keeping it in my back pocket for just such an occasion. Hooray for the Count! We have the entire Sesame Street library series at home, and Babs complains loudly if I don’t use my Count voice when reciting his lines. ONE. ONE Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. TWO . . . BWHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m just so happy that you all love the Count, too, that I could just sit here and count you all afternoon.

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