Because, according to Bab’s principal, not all of us can be followers

November 10, 2007

Babs is in the red with the white tights, and I post this little clip for you because of the incident near the end. My reaction is caught on tape, and the reaction of Bab’s principal, a marvelously gracious woman, is captured in the title of this post. God bless her for finding the good in Bab’s antics.

I hadn’t realized until watching the video that the love of my life had shoved the girl next to her for any specific reason, other than to speed her up.

“On further review,” said in my best NFL referee voice, I realize that Babs was itching for one more run down the pipe before the music ended.

That girl. How one person ended up with so much spirit and fire is beyond me. What a woman.


  1. Oh my goodness. She checked that girl like a hockey player! Sweet!

  2. “Go, Damnit!!!”

  3. Wooops. Oh, sorry. I’m laughing off my chair. And she looks so ladylike, too, never missed a beat. That other kid never saw it coming.

    Bab should be running for President, or at least Governor already.

  4. What a hoot! You can just see how anxious/eager she was to get that extra turn. I don’t think there was any premeditation involved at all – that shove just happened!

  5. now thats my kind of girl!!!

  6. Thanks, ladies. She’s such a riot. There’s definitely no shortage of chutzpah where Babs is concerned. Trying to temper her forcefulness with gentleness has been a challenge, but I’m at least heartened to know that there won’t be many times in life where she’s taken advantage of. It’s more the people in her life that I worry about.

  7. Hilarious! The stuff leaders are made of!!!

  8. That was a good push too. Babs was quick!! hahaha. Nothing makes a momma prouder than seeing it wasn’t her kid getting pushed!!

  9. Hi Dawn ~ I thought so myself. One thing is for sure: she’s not shy.

    Hi Pool ~ Wasn’t it, though? It looked like the *second* she realized the music was about to end, she shoved her friend. And, yes, I must admit, as embarrassing as it is to have a pusher, I’m glad that she’s not the pushee.

  10. In a word, ‘priceless.’

  11. Hi, Ian. Thank you. I thought the same thing myself.

  12. Ha ha! There’s a little girl who knows how to get what she wants! That was fantastic.

  13. C ~ You can say that again. 😉

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