Quite possibly the best day of my life

November 12, 2007

Baklava is back on the shelves at Costco.

I ate a piece last night and decided it was the closest thing to being with Jon that I’ve ever experienced.

TMI? Probably, but folks, if you haven’t tried this stuff, I am telling you — in the nicest way possible — that you are MISSING OUT.

Oh. My. God.

As I was standing there savoring each morsel, jealousy guarding my piece against any and all intruders (read “husbands,” “dogs” and “children”) I decided that if I dropped dead right there in my kitchen that I would be dying at the peak of happiness.

What a way to go out.

I am just grateful for one more season to be able to taste this wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles.

If this particular baklava had been on the Tree of Knowledge instead of those dumb apples, I would have consumed the entire tree before God caught me.

And I wouldn’t have shared with Adam.

Or Jon.

Or anyone.

It’s really that good.

Author’s note: This post was no way endorsed or compensated for by Costco, their affiliates or the makers of their divine baklava, to which Angela finds herself hopelessly, inextricably and gleefully addicted. Thank God her cholesterol check came out fine. Let the holiday revelry begin!



  1. So, am I to gather from this that you like baklava? So, if you were in the erotic eating scene from the old Albert Finney film Tom Jones, I take it that baklave must be part of the sensual process. Just checking in case I have to event plan sometime.

  2. Ian ~ My love for baklava truly cannot be expressed in words. It is beyond words. It is, quite simply, otherworldly. Although, if you’re planning an event and you bring baklava, I will turn into some kind of jealous, hoarding demon who takes the tray and runs to the other room rather than my typical social butterfly persona. Probably best to leave baklava off the list if you don’t want it to get ugly.

  3. I love baklava, too, and practically anything made with phyllo pastry.

    Now you’ve made me extremely dissatisfied with everything remotely edible that I have in the house. I hope you’re satisfied.

  4. I love the leap from your kitchen to the Garden of Eden! It’s a sign of a great imagination – and how good that baklava was…

  5. Oh, yeah baklava is good stuff. Pastry, honey, nuts -what’s not to like? But you know what’s even better? At the GreekFest, they serve baklava sundaes – baklava, ice cream and chocolate sauce. Another level of heaven.

  6. Baklava is awesome. Of course you are happy (understatemetn) to have it again. I’ve taken out my big girl pants in preparation for the season of goodies. Hopefully I won’t need to put them on due to my amazing control. haha right. Bring on the Italian Christmas cookies and back away slowly!

  7. Heart ~ I’m horribly dissatisfied, actually. Come on up for some scrumptious baklava. We’ll take care of that, right quick!

    Hi Beth ~ Hooray!

    Hi C ~ It’s so nummy, isn’t it? Thinking of a baklava sundae makes my mouth water. Do you think they could make a baklava latte? Yum.

    Hi Pool ~ I’m with you girl. I actually wrote a post about a side of larger pants with my eggnog lattes last year. Seriously: 10 extra pounds, here we come. It’s a good thing I didn’t throw out my bigger pants.

  8. okay. im sold! a must try!

  9. Hi Meleah ~ Oh, I hope you like it. If you don’t, I’ll send you ten bucks to cover it. 😉 Happy noshing!

  10. What I love about Costco most is that they sell caskets.

  11. Mmmm, baklava!! I liked this so much I actually made it on one occasion. It was quite a bit of work but so worth the effort. (I’m vegan so I did have to veganize the recipe but it was just as good as any I’ve ever had)

    It was so good I knew that I shouldn’t make it very often and hey…….. it’s about time I did again!!

    Thank you for the reminder and inspiration. I’m already drooling.

    Much peace to you today.

    ~ RS ~

  12. Hi Jim ~ Why am I not surprised by that? 😉

    Hi Ruby ~ YAY! I have to admit that I am hopelessly uninformed when it comes to veganism. If you come back to read this perhaps you could tell me which part has to be substituted — the butter? That might make for a really great post. I am far too distractable to try to make my own baklava. Someday maybe!

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