Time for a funny

November 15, 2007



  1. Jimmy can’t answer you chickie, he forgot to pay a loan…

  2. You have a wicked sense of humor. Yet another reason to love you.

  3. Pool ~ Now you make me wish I’d turned this into a caption contest.

    Ian ~ Thank you, my dear. The feeling is mutual.

  4. Waaaay to funny

  5. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

  6. Oh poor Jimmy.

  7. Seventh Sister ~ So glad you liked!

    V. ~ Yay! You liked it!

    Reese ~ I *know*, but think about his poor friend. At least Jimmy has passed on. I think. Kind of. Damn. I *hope* he doesn’t feel that.

  8. Jimmy needs a side of toast and some sausage.

    Mmm. Sausage.

  9. Jacque ~ Oh my god. Totally. I had two glasses of wine last night with no dinner. I could really go for some sausage right now. Meet you at the diner.

  10. This reminds me of the magic flute from “H.R. Puf ‘n’ Stuf”:

    “Jimmy! Save me! Witchie-Poo’s got me! Jimmy! HEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!”

  11. Jim ~ Awesome! I thought this might be up your alley.

  12. Haha!

  13. Hi, Elisabeth ~ So glad you liked! Thanks for visiting.

  14. Oh, that’s horrible. Funny. but horrible.

  15. CS ~ I know. Black humor. I love it. It speaks to my soul.

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