Updates, addendums and an offer

November 17, 2007

I found out last night that it’s going to cost more to fix the pedal on the piano than it cost to purchase the entire 100-year-old, hand-carved, upright grand that was so well crafted that the piano tuner compared it to a Steinway.

I am cranky about this. That’s my Disneyland money. And it doesn’t help that there is no remorse or understanding on behalf of a certain co-conspirator.

In other disappointing news, while Costco baklava is the closest thing to ambrosia I have found, their phyllo puff pastries definitely get a thumbs down from yours truly.

And the offer: If anyone needs anything expensive broken, I have two eight-year olds for hire.



  1. I can understand. There are not too many kids who understand compassion and forgiveness.

  2. Chani ~ *Heavy sigh* I know. I doubt there are a whole host of kids walking around with it screaming on their report cards, though. I guess I’m glad it’s so obvious with Babs. Honesty. It *is* a redeeming quality for her.

  3. It’s not the last of it, but you love her anyway. Give her a hug and be happy she’s in your life (as I know you are), but tell her that mothers never, ever forget, even if they might forgive. Sorry about the piano, though. That sucks.

  4. I’m sure after scrubbing her fourth bathroom with a toothbrush with instill a little “sorry” in her. Don’t forget to give lots of smooches from the doorway and mention the cost a ton of times as she cleans. 🙂

  5. yeeowch. That sucks Ang. I miss my piano…

  6. Hi Ian ~ Thank you. The child is worth infinitely more than the piano, and she gives me this “oh mom” disgusted look when I ask her if I know how much I love her and how special she is, so I know she knows where she stands in my life. I’m over the piano incident today, so the venting must have helped. And, as I’m sure you know, we’ll just keep picking our way through these forgiveness and compassion issues. We all have our journeys. This is hers.

    Hi Pool ~ Hmmmmm. Food for thought, my dear. Food for thought. Thank you.

    Hi Reese ~ awwwww. I wish I could send you one.

  7. Sorry about the piano – that truly bites. Kids are such boogers sometimes. How can you love someone that much and still want to pinch their heads off?

  8. CS ~ Thank you. You said it perfectly. How do you always do that?! You’re amazing.

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