A question

November 22, 2007

Are Black Friday sales really worth it?

I have a credit card burning a hole in my pocket, but have this feeling that I should just stay home.



  1. I refuse the crowds. I think you can get the same deals on line. Not sure though since I don’t dare step foot in a store on Black Friday. Good Luck!!

  2. Let’s see:

    Freezing your nipples off all night just to pay half-price on an iPhone, or;

    Getting some sleep and steering clear of total insanity.

    Tough call.

  3. Ang, I’ll take that credit card off your hands. I don’t want you to burn yourself.

    I’m very altruistic that way.

  4. not worth the traffic. not worth the lines. not worth waking up at 4am.

    so…… NO

  5. No! No! I’m a big believer in making it Buy Nothing Day. There will be many other days for buying.

  6. Pool ~ I did end up going after work so got to the mall about 3:30 p.m. It was nearly deserted! And the deals still rocked. I’m going to have to file this in my arsenal for next year. But yes, no early morning. Folks here got trampled, I heard. Honestly. People. Some shit just ain’t that important.

    Jim ~ You are so, so, so funny. As always. And dammit if I’m not totally depressed to be missing karaoke night tomorrow. Please let me know if/when there will be another.

    Dan ~ Such a true friend you are!!! You crack me up. Will you use it to buy metaphysics books for your friend?

    Meleah ~ It looks like the overwhelming response is “Run like hell!” So yes, I took all of your lovely advice, even before you gave it, and slept like a baby.

    CS ~ You’re a rebel. I like that about you.

  7. Not to me. I think the whole thing is kind of appalling, an admission that Christmas is really about mercantile greed.

    I call it Black Mood Day.

  8. Heart ~ There is much wisdom in what you say, my friend. I’m certain that I love the sparkley earrings I bought for $8, but I am also very certain that Christmas could use some downsizing and a reminder that the holiday is about more than big-ticket (or sometimes even small-ticket) items. I do so love “The Nutcracker,” though. And Baklava. I’m torn. As you can see. xoxoxo

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