This little girl kicks my ass

December 3, 2007

And yes, before you start bitching, this IS my favorite Christmas tune of all time, and it may just show up in various forms EVERY. BLESSED. DAY. until Christmas. If you need to go, I understand. Baklava and coffee are available at the house, though, and I promise not to make you suffer through this song if you come over.



  1. (applause) (applause) Cute kid, nice playing. I do a mean chop sticks on my piano, and its excellent for showing off family photos and for kitty to look outside from. Shameful, I know.

  2. My fascist pig workplace has YouTube blocked, so I can’t see it. 😦 But I did see you mentioned baklava! I giant heart baklava! 🙂 I bet it’s tasty.

  3. Oh excellent excellent, wowie and Yay!!! What a performer! How old is she? She’s adorable, confident and holding her hands up just perfectly.

    Thanks so much for posting this here today, I really do appreciate it.

    Peace today.

    ~ RS ~

  4. Hey, she’s awesome!

    I love Karen Carpenter singing that tune…

    And I’ll take some baklava and coffee, please!

  5. Pool ~ Isn’t she the cutest?! Not shameful at all. I don’t think anything about you is shameful in the slightest and think you quite the opposite, just so you know.

    Jacque ~ Girl, I’m so glad that I hadn’t just taken a big drink of coffee, because it would have certainly gone out my nose. How in God’s name did you get so funny!

    Ruby ~ So glad to see you! Isn’t she so cute? I can’t remember if they posted her age, but the way she has to strain to see the music is just so, so, so cute. Do you remember being that little? I do.

    Hope you’re doing well and feeling good — body and soul. Peace and love right back to you.

    Reese ~ I’ll make you a fresh pot as soon as you get here. Karen is the freaking BEST! Oh, and p.s. I just bought that silly singstar game, so I’m hoping that you will come and join me for a sing-along. You’re welcome anytime, dear. Stinkerbell, too. I think. 😉

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