Ding, Fries Are Done!

December 6, 2007

Steve shared this with me last year and we laughed and laughed. He sent the link again yesterday, and I think I laughed even more this year than I did last, if that’s possible. Here’s hoping that your holiday plans are bringing you joy, and that if you have to work fast food that it’s as fabulous an experience for you as it is for this guy!


  1. Have seen it before, but it’s always hilarious. Thanks, Ang.

  2. My company is going to lay off another 12,000 workers in the next few months.

    So I was frantically taking notes during this video: paper hat (check), apple pie with that (check) …

  3. Ian ~ I was dropping the phrase “laughter is good medicine” yesterday and needed a pick-me-up. This did the trick. I’m glad you liked it, too!

    DAN! Oh, my. But you’re not worrying about it, right?! ‘Cause that’s in the FUTURE, and, as Uncle Albert said, we don’t worry about the future. Right?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA! If you ever need any tips, I still have a pretty good memory. I’ll have to dig out that photo. HA!

  4. hehehe. Ding. Fries are done. heheheh.

  5. Pool ~ YAY! Holiday humor. It’s the saving grace of it all. I’m convinced of it.

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