Postcards from the edge

December 9, 2007



“To be at home is to find yourself with those who put your heart at ease.”




  1. Home is nice. Thanks.

  2. In a report on House and home, My daughter wrote this (she is 10):

    “A house is like bland ice cream. To make a house a home you have to add sprinkles and whipped cream and your favorite flavors.A home is full of vibrant colors and feelings. It is where you belong. A home is a place of delicate, velvety cushions and warm, radiant lights. A home is breathing and living with us all. Water goes through it’s pipes like blood through our veins. Furnace’s pump like our hearts. A home is something all your own.”

  3. Ian ~ Thank you!

    Pool ~ How wonderful. I knew I loved that girl for a reason!

  4. It sounds so simple, but really it’s the most difficult challenge to find those who put our hearts at ease, and to also put their hearts at ease.

    This was a heart-warming post.

  5. P.S. The juxtaposition of the Shayna Maidel pic with the Santa made me smile.

  6. Heart ~ I’m so glad you liked it. Home is an important place for me, and, lacking safety, it is no home — thus, to be at ease has become a heartfelt goal of mine.

    And I’m so glad you caught that. You’re such a smartie. The funny thing is that the “Shayna Maidel” pic was done for me by a director eons ago and has nothing to do with Jon. I think I enjoy jewish culture more than he does!

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