More Pema Chodron

December 10, 2007

Because she’s speaking to me, and this quote is on my December calendar page so I keep reading it over and over:

“A warrior accepts that we can never know what will happen to us next. We can try to control the uncontrollable by looking for security and predictability, always hoping to be comfortable and safe. But the truth is that we can never avoid uncertainty. This not knowing is part of the adventure . . . ”

More here if you’d like to read. Happy Festivus!


  1. I’ll bet this is actually the hardest for most of us.

  2. Which is why I (often unsuccessfully) try to live in today and today alone. The past is history, the future is a mystery. Good thought and a fine reminder for us all.

  3. Chani ~ I don’t think I’ve found anything harder for myself. This relaxing thing is wonderful and terribly frightening all at the same time.

    Ian ~ But it’s the thought that counts so much, yes? The fact that we’re even *attempting* it? I post these things because I so desperately need to be reminded of these concepts myself. Cheers!

  4. I so admire and love Pema Chodron. She is a rare voice of sanity in a crazy world, and this quote demonstrates her extreme joy in being alive with all its possibilities. We should all cultivate such awareness and anticipation of life’s surprises so we don’t interpret some of them as catastrophes.

    We need to be braver.

  5. Heart ~ I feel so thankful to have found her. And here she’s been on my wall all year and it’s taken me that long to really recognize her. That’s how life is sometimes. I’m just glad that I did. I purchased several of her books online a couple of weeks ago and am looking forward to spending some time this winter reading her.

    And yes, courage. It’s so much easier to feel sorry for ourselves, isn’t it? Okay, maybe that’s just me. 😉

  6. Great quote Ang. I love Pema and have a couple of her books, though I haven’t read them in some time.

    Love when she says “But the truth is that we can never avoid uncertainty.” And to that I would add, reality is what it is. And that is certain. So it’s also impossible to avoid certainty, or at least to behave like we don’t have to pay attention to it. Wishing reality to be something else won’t make it so.

    “This not knowing is part of the adventure”. Isn’t that the only adventure? If we always knew what was around the corner life would be very dull indeed.

  7. Dan ~ How true. We can’t avoid what is certain, either. And to embrace it all in its totality — a challenge that can be so tough to do. Thank god for those deep gut feelings.

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