I have a girl crush

December 13, 2007

I am so in love with this girl, and so happy, happy, happy for her success; and so thrilled that some record company WAS SMART ENOUGH to pick her up so that I could find her (even though we grew up very, very close to each other in No Man’s Land). As Jacque would say, I giant heart her.

I wasn’t able to embed the following clip (so I include it below as a link), but the seconds at 3:00 are worth watching. Props out to the homegirl! (The beginning is the video they took in the car in a FedEx/Kinko’s parking lot the first time they heard their song on the radio — their joy is infectious!)


Go, Sara, go!!

p.s. I just clicked through to the second video and it is LOUD! Just a warning in case you don’t want to get your ears get blown out, too. Cheers!



  1. She’s adorable. She has the BEST nose! “Love Song” is a super … um … love song. 🙂

  2. Well, I now have a boy crush on the girl you presented to us. What a sexy, sultry voice, tapping into an inner Peggy Lee (who was always a fetish figure for me). Thank you for the intro. Your taste is superlative, but I already knew that.

  3. haven’t heard of her but she’s awesome — count me in for the boy crush thing like Ian… heh! my kind of mellow music. may have to get her song on itunes.

    btw: don’t normally do memes but decided to do one today. you’ve been tagged — just a simple one: list 8 random facts/ habit about yourself.

    read the rules on my blog:

  4. Hi Dan ~ Doesn’t she, though? I just LOVE to watch her. She’s so cute and sweet!

    Hi Ian ~ I don’t usually promote someone with such passion, but this girl is wonderful and I only just stumbled upon her a few weeks ago. She has a song called “Bottle It Up” that you might like, too. Cheers!

    Hi Foo ~ She is so crush worthy, isn’t she? I am just in love with her. And her music. Thanks also for thinking about me with the meme. I will definitely go and fetch it. Happy holidays!

  5. She’s great! Wonderful voice, a bit Ronny Raitt going on there.

    Thanks for the intro. I’m a fan now.

  6. Heart ~ You’re so welcome. She’s just an undiscovered gem, and I don’t usually love to spread the love this way, but this time, I couldn’t help myself.

  7. Thanks for the introduction! I just bought her album on itunes…


  8. Reese ~ I’m so glad you like her. I thought you might! I have absolutely worn her disk to a shred and need to go get the first one she made before Epic found her. I don’t know how it differs, but I just love her — all to pieces! Hope your holidays are going well!

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