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Compassion practice

January 29, 2008

“Compassion practice is daring. It involves learning to relax and allowing ourselves to move gently toward what scares us. The trick to doing this is to stay with the emotional distress without tightening into aversion; to let fear soften us rather than harden into resistence.”

~ Pema Chodron


Still here

January 28, 2008

Still here. Mostly. 😉

“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life- and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”

~ Georgia O’Keefe


Seen and heard at my house and then at work

January 24, 2008

“So, Angela, what exactly do you do around here?”

“You know, B. That’s a good question. I’ve been trying to put my finger on it lately, and had my mother-in-law ask me the same thing several months ago. When I couldn’t define what it is I do, I told her that I basically did whatever it was my boss asked me to do. Her response was, ‘So, then you’re his administrative assistant,’ and I thought, ‘Well, there go five Who’s Whos, two degrees and a governor’s commendation down the shitter!'”

Anyone else care to ask me what I do?

Communications. I’m in communications. And marketing. With an emphasis on communications.

“Have you done it for a while?”

“Since ’92,” I replied. Is that a while, folks? I’m thinking that it qualifies.

I was feeling so sorry for myself that I pulled out the big stops, “Well, before this I was the director of marketing and public relations at so-and-so university.”


Though, folks, today I was thinking that driving a van for a hotel might be a nice job. I think I would like driving a van.


An honest question

January 24, 2008

“Mom, why don’t you teach anymore?”

“Because then I couldn’t drive you to school in the morning. And I’d have to grade papers all night.”

“Oh. But you could teach at my school if you wanted to.”

“Yes, honey. I could.” (If they’d have me, I add to myself — sixth grade — I might be able to teach sixth grade.)


January, not my favorite month

January 23, 2008

Kids, it’s been a bit rough. I’ll be honest. Lots going on and lots keeping me from the blogging life I came to love. Some of it hard; most of it good. Life — at its finest.

A dear friend of mine just called today, devastated by some things going on in her life. I immediately thought of sending this to her, which I will, but wanted to pop in quickly to say “Hello” and send these wishes to you, too. My thanks to everyone who has cared enough to leave a note. There are definitely changes in my life at the moment, but they are positive things. I’ll post updates as I can.

Love and cyber hugs,




And they just keep coming

January 11, 2008

This one popped up in my inbox this morning. I found it appropriate considering some life changes we’re going through:

“Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late.”

William Shakespeare


I’d like my dreams with a side of cynicism, please

January 9, 2008


How encouraging! I feel encouraged. Don’t you?