I’d like my dreams with a side of cynicism, please

January 9, 2008


How encouraging! I feel encouraged. Don’t you?



  1. Sometimes I’m tempted to give up on my stupid, stupid dreams, but then I try to soldier on. Like right now when I am trying to establish dialogue between my fictitious adulterous couple who are on the verge of breaking up and I want them to have a realistic conversation. It’s OK, in one sense, since I’ve been there, so it gets a bit wrenching. Sometimes I think, speaking of wrenching, I should have been a pipe-fitter.
    There, how’s that for a comment inspired by a simple cartoon, pretty sweetie pie?

  2. Ha. Nice. I feel like that a lot of the time.

  3. Check my blog for a tag.

  4. I’m not sure that is the right question. I think the question is whether my dreams give up on stupid, stupid me.

  5. I felt that way today…Maybe because I’m getting sick.

  6. Have you read the demotivational manager? Its like a page right out of it. 🙂

  7. Ian ~ I love your comments, always, particularly the ones that go in this direction. If you need any help, I’ve got some experience with those conversations, too! (And don’t give up the dream. I do believe that it’s always closer than we think.)

    ACG ~ This one just smacked me in the face, and I started cracking up. I hate to say that I’m glad that it resonates with you, too, but I am!! Misery loves company. 😉

    Seventh ~ Thank you! I’ve been sucking ass at tags lately, but I’m going to try to make *this* January different (somehow) from the 37 that have gone before it — namely, that they have been my nasty months each year. I have hated January. But today, I feel like changing the energy and turning it all around. On the 11th. It seems like a good day to do so!

  8. Heart ~ But then you’d be referring to your beautiful *self* as stupid, and that just doesn’t seem right at all! Though I certainly catch your meaning and appreciate the role reversal. What is life without dreams?

    Reese ~ You’re not feeling well? Crap. I’m sorry to hear it! I hope that it passes you by and your dreams carry you through.

    Pool ~ Must. Go. Find. It. Thank you for the recommendation. You and I are likeminded when it comes to the Demotivators, as well. This just completely cracked me up when I read it. Cheers! (Groundhog Day is around the corner, by the way.)

  9. I love my stupid, stupid dreams. They keep me going. I think without our stupid, stupid dreams we lapse into a hopeless, zombie-like state, draggong through life. Give me stupid, stupid dreams or give me death!!

  10. CS ~ I love your stupid, stupid dreams, too! And *my* stupid, stupid dreams and all the stupid, stupid dreams out there! I’d be lost without them. Let’s hear it to dreaming (if not actual dream realization!).

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