January, not my favorite month

January 23, 2008

Kids, it’s been a bit rough. I’ll be honest. Lots going on and lots keeping me from the blogging life I came to love. Some of it hard; most of it good. Life — at its finest.

A dear friend of mine just called today, devastated by some things going on in her life. I immediately thought of sending this to her, which I will, but wanted to pop in quickly to say “Hello” and send these wishes to you, too. My thanks to everyone who has cared enough to leave a note. There are definitely changes in my life at the moment, but they are positive things. I’ll post updates as I can.

Love and cyber hugs,





  1. Yay good to see you!

  2. That’s good one. I have also seen a version that says ‘and may you be half way to heaven before the Lord knows your dead’ or somethingn like that.

  3. Excellent blessing. I’ve got to remember this one. And good luck!

  4. I well know the Irish prayer and love it. Wonderful to see you and love and hugs back to you. See you again when you have time, and be good to yourself, dearest.

  5. Reese ~ I had to come back for you! Leave no amazing woman behind. That’s my motto!

    Seventh ~ That’s a great addition. I love it.

    Dad ~ It’s so good to see you. Thanks for stopping in to visit!

    Ian ~ Hooray! Thanks for your good thoughts. I feel an upswing coming, but, wow. What a month!

  6. I’ve always liked that blessing. Good one for a month that contains some suckiness. (And are those Irish pilgrims?)

  7. CS ~ Isn’t that graphic funny? I would have looked longer for a better rendition but I just don’t have the gumption right now. It’s a nice blessing, isn’t it?

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