Still here

January 28, 2008

Still here. Mostly. 😉

“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life- and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.”

~ Georgia O’Keefe



  1. Doesn’t Ms. O’Keefe’s comment apply to virtually all of us? In such knowledge there is strength. Otherwise, missing you, hon’

  2. Thanks, Ian. I feel like it *could* apply to us, but that too many of us let our fear keep us from moving toward our dreams. I’m trying to remember this week not to get frozen in fear. Thanks for the missing. It feels good to be missed!

  3. There are times when curling up in the fetal position seems like the best option. Good for you for moving forward!

  4. I once did a college art class paper on O’Keefe. She was so inpiring, not just through her art, but how she lived. Thanks for the quote, Angela.

  5. I got to go to Santa Fe last September and saw the O’Keefe Museum. It was beautiful.

  6. Yes! I know that feeling very well.

  7. She is one of my heroines! A totally original artist, thinker and life-liver.

  8. Pool ~ Oh, I’ve had my share of fetal position moments, believe me! I’ve found that after a good balled up rest, I’m more able to get moving.

    ACG ~ I really need to read up on her since my memory is poor when it comes to her actual life. I stumbled on the quote and it really spoke to me, obviously.

    Seventh Sister ~ I would like to see that! Someday perhaps.

    Citizen ~ You and I are simpatico, aren’t we? Lovely.

    Heart ~ I can see that so easily. Makes perfect sense. Here’s to heroes and heroines and the courage to make a life instead of just slogging through!

  9. p.s. Dear Citizen ~ No WONDER we’re simpatico! You rock.

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