With my thanks, once again, to Starbucks

February 28, 2008

Does it taste like cinnamon?

She questioned.

It tastes like home,

he replied.



  1. Wow… interesting how we associate smells that way.

  2. Chani ~ absolutely. Yum. Smells. Hope you are well!

  3. A nerdy bit of science – the olfactory nerve is the one sensory nerve not mediated through the the more developed part of the brain. It’s the most primitive of our five senses (actually, there’s also proprioception, but that’s another lecture!) and smell recognition brings back the earliest and most powerful of memories.

  4. Citizen ~ But of course that makes perfect sense! I could sit and smell things for hours, especially the woods and floral scents. Perhaps I love these because I grew up with a redwood forest behind my house? Thank you for sharing that. It confirms what I already knew.

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