Courtesy Notice

February 29, 2008



  1. Hope you’re not referring to yourself!
    If you are, you’re not lost – you’re simply on a different (new) path.

  2. Yeah, but lost people are more fn to follow – they go way more interesting places!

  3. Welcome to the woods baby! Where in the heck is a compass when you need one. Not that a compass would do me good, but they say its better to have one when wandering about.

  4. You’re not lost, just temporarily directionally challenged. It will all become clear just when you need it to. Saturday hug for you.

  5. Aw crap. And here I was modeling my life after yours!

  6. Beth ~ Humor gets me through. 😉 I feel a lot less lost than I felt 20 years ago, so I suppose I’m making progress, yes?

    Citizen ~ So true! I do so love how you give me a new perspective on things. I have gone to some marvelous places in my life. Here’s looking forward to the adventures to come!

    Say It~ Thank you! Fuck the compass. 😉 (Does someone have marshmallows? I’d like to start a little campfire.)

    Ian ~ Thank you for that. I believe you. But it’s comforting to hear it just the same. Saturday/Sunday hugs right back.

    Reese ~ Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! lol! (Just kidding — mostly) Your love isn’t a guitar player, is he? I’m thinking that musicians may be off limits for me from now on, but if you (or anyone else) can find happiness with them, more power to you! {{{HUGS}}}

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