More random things I am learning

March 14, 2008

If you actually own your own garage and don’t want to have to scrape ice in the mornings, don’t leave your car in the driveway overnight when it’s raining and the temperatures drop below 32.

Signing up to cook twenty pounds of potatoes on a week when you’re sick is not the world’s greatest idea.

Giving your phone number out (or calling someone with caller ID) you don’t know means that they will have your number for as long as you do.

Directly related to the above, you have no control over how many times they use that number, but you do have control over whether or not you give it out in the first place. (And, yes, for those following along, he is still calling — two-and-a-half weeks later. I have not answered once.)

And perhaps the single most important thing I have learned this week: Cheetos taste better when you eat them while soaking in the tub by candlelight with a glass of Merlot.

Important stuff. I know.



  1. Can you block his calls?

  2. I have tried to comment twice, but get an errir message every time. Third time’s a charm?

    I have always considered answering the phone or a doorbell to be entirely optional.

    And, for the really important stuff -have you tried “CHeetos Naturals”? Fluffier, less orange. And oh my God are they good. With wine or beer, that goes without saying.

  3. Cheetos and Merlot, eh? Nice. I prefer the crunchy ones to the puffy ones…

  4. Seventh ~ I probably could if I would take five minutes to figure it out. He’s down to once a day or every other day, so I’m hopeful that he will stop it soon. It’s really amazing to me that he’s still calling. (Of course, I think I did something similar once upon a time, so I try to be compassionate — you know.)

    Citizen ~ Dammit! Looks like the third time is truly a charm. Thanks for not giving up. (I am all about the optional phone and doorbell answer — I’m sure it shocks you to hear it.) I will definitely try the Naturals. Yum.

    Reese ~ Me, too! Crunchy is the only way to go.

  5. Cheetos and merlot, funny, I would have thought they’d go better with a shiraz. :o)

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