Because today, everyone who wants to be Irish is!

March 16, 2008


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone. If anyone drinks green beer, I want to hear about it!


  1. And the same to you, my friend. I raise my glass of lemon-lime gatorade to you, will that do?

  2. Does drooling over a jar of Irish clotted cream in the supermarket today count? I had to pass it up because of the nutritional label, but I’ll bet there’s something that I’d like it on. Usually I’m pretty good about fats and seldom eat dessert, but I’m in the mood for a treat.

  3. Got Irish on both sides, so I’ll be wearing green tomorrow for sure.

  4. I’ve always found green beer a revolting concept, but ‘Erin Go Bragh’ to you, my friend.

  5. Reese ~ Absolutely! Keep that gatorade flowing would you?

    Hazy ~ Absolutely! Yum. Yum, yum, yum. I hope you were good to yourself and allowed yourself that treat. I miss you!

    Citizen ~ Well then a big ‘Erin Go Bragh’ to you, too, my friend! (There’s so much to celebrate if we really look, isn’t there?)

    Ian ~ Thank you, my friend. The same to you. (You know how I love a holiday!)

  6. I did not drink green beer. But I did drink beer.
    Irish beer.

  7. ACG ~ YAY! I don’t really like beer, but I think that it should be law to drink it on St. Patrick’s Day. That’s just me, though. I come up with weird laws like that.

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