Because this found me today and spoke to me

March 25, 2008

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Helen Keller: Author, activist and lecturer

Here’s to a daring adventure, everyone!




  1. I wanna do this.

  2. Oooooh, can I come too?

  3. Okay, I don’t want to try that particular thing, but YES!!! to adventure!

  4. And, Helen should know. On the other hand, I’ll pass on the hang gliding. I don’t want to be incontinent at 10,000 feet.

  5. Seventh Sister ~ Me, too! If you ever get the itch to go, let me know.

    Heart ~ Absolutely. I think we should make a field trip of it, what do you think?

    Citizen ~ What if you took pictures of the three of us for the blog?

    Ian ~ I figure that if Helen can have that kind of attitude that it should be inifinitely easier for me to! (If you want to come along on the adventure, perhaps you can give our sweet Citizen some company while she takes photos.) 😉

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