Because posting movie quotes makes me happy

May 12, 2008

State Trooper: Pal, you got that moisture on your head. You can go back to Punxsutawney or you can freeze to death. It’s your choice. What’s it gonna be?

Phil: [pauses] I’m thinking…


  1. Do you have this whole movie memorized?

  2. Phil: You wanna throw up here, or you wanna throw up in the car?
    Ralph: I think… both.

  3. Citizen ~ My aunt basically makes fun of me for popping up with movie lines and what happens is that I’ll remember a snippet and then google it to get the entire thing. But yes, I love this movie. Deeply. It symbolizes hope for me. And is damn funny.

  4. Say It ~ Rock on, girlfriend. I think we need to bring this movie to the girls’ weekend. 😉

  5. Heya fellas.

    I’ve already been trapped at a overseas airport in Berlin for 3 days with out being able to discover a flight back home. This is actually getting depressing, I am not even getting virtually any settlement from the airline. Anyone else in the same situation or even have got a friend with the exact same problems?

    Apologies for this whine post but I felt like I had to voice my frustration.

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