Losing it

May 19, 2008

I spent the weekend flooding gopher holes only to realize that I think these are the same holes I drenched with Lysol two weekends ago. I realized after I left the water running and thoroughly saturated everything within five miles of me that these probably aren’t actually new holes, but old holes I just haven’t filled back up.

For some strange reason I decided I simply had to flood the gopher out — these must be new holes. NEW. HOLES!

Out, damned gopher! Out, I say!

It’s official: I’m losing it.

I’m worried about me, folks. I’m afraid that I’ve become Bill Murray’s character in Caddyshack. My eyes are even glazed over.

Of course, many of you would say that I’ve already lost it. This may also be quite possible. Sometimes it’s kind of fun to watch a person lose it. Why else would Jerry Springer have been so enormously popular? And I’m not talking about his political career, folks!

As a plaque I once read said, “I’ve gone to look for myself. If you see me between now and then, hold on to me until I get back.”


  1. I’ll happily hold on to you. Hmm. That was nice.

  2. Ian ~ Such a big smile you bring to my face. Hope your day is lovely!

  3. Just a thought – maybe the anhilistic energy is misplaced? Sometimes a gopher is not just a gopher.

  4. Losing what???
    Sanity is highly over-rated.

  5. Citizen ~ Thank you. I think there’s some wisdom there indeed!

    Beth ~ You’re such a comfort. Thank you!

  6. If you’ve lost it, that must mean that at one time you had it. That’s more than some of us are sure of.

  7. Seventh Sister ~ What a lovely idea. Thank you for it. Of course, maybe I’m just fooling myself! (Always a possibility, don’t you think?) đŸ˜‰

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