Wishful thinking

May 23, 2008

Heads Carolina. Tails California.

Damn those high gas prices!!

It’s probably better this way, though. I don’t think Bear’s a big fan of the car.

The thought of a roadtrip sounds tremendous right about now, though, folks. I’ll tell you that for nothing.

Happy Holiday Weekend! Be safe, everyone.


  1. If only flipping a coin helped with major life decisions. Oh, hell, maybe it does. Perhaps it’s better than thinking too damn much about things!

  2. It’s as good a way to decide as any, especially if bothsides of the coin say the same thing!

  3. Hey you! It’s been a while. I feel your pain with the gophers. I’ve probably killed 25 of them this year.

  4. Beth ~ I’m a HUGE fan of the coin flip — especially as it relates to piddly relationship arguments like “which kind of pizza should we get” or “which movie should we watch.” When the *coin* decides it makes the choice neutral.

    Citizen ~ I think that’s the trick. In this instance, either way meant getting out of town. I do so love getting out of town.

    DIESEL!! Hey there, my friend. How *are* you?!!! With 25 you absolutely DO feel my pain. Poor gophers, though. Is it okay if I feel sorry for them? I do. Here’s wishing you a gopher-free summer!

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