Coming up for air

October 16, 2008

I hardly know where to begin so I suppose that I’ll begin right here where I am. Living life off-line is a different experience for me: different and wonderful. I feel that I’ve been out adventuring and apologize that I have been such a bad blogging buddy and poor blogger of late. I’d try to tell you all that I’ve been doing but I’m afraid it might clog the Net.

But I know how it is to lose a fellow blogger and I didn’t want anyone worrying about me. (You know how we like to do that with each other.) So here are my October good wishes for everyone with the hopes that you, too, are following your bliss. At the moment I’m all about the bliss, for as long as it lasts. Happy Fall, everyone! You deserve it.

Love and peace,




  1. Let me be the first to say “Enjoy your bliss!” on a day when I’ve been out raking leaves in “October’s bright blue weather.”

    Hugs, Haze

  2. Hug and kiss and so nice to see you again. Missed you, I did, I did.

  3. Ha! I subscribed to you JUST in case you ever blogged again! You need to get a laptop. Pronto! 🙂

    Beth, from the blog titled “Coming Up for Air” because I totally know what you are talking about my dear!

  4. I’d have been worried sick if I hadn’t know you were alive and blissing, but it’s still nice to see a litle note from you here. Happy October to you, too.

  5. I figured you were just out there, in the world, living. Good for you.
    Of course, you know we all want details.
    We are nosy that way!

  6. whew! Just glad you’re not dead! I do miss you, but glad you are having a life out side of the web!

  7. I’m glad you were out and about. 🙂 I’ve been taking time to do that for me lately and it’s been great. I hope you’re having a boatload of fun and I look forward to reading all about it!

  8. Hey, Ange, hope you’re off having fun in that Little Black Dress of yours 🙂 Take it easy…


  9. Hey Woman! Take your time. Happy fall!

  10. Still waiting for you to return!! 🙂

  11. Is everything all right? Are you ever coming back? Take care of yourself, Angie.

  12. What’s up Ang (my old blogging buddy)? Hope you are doing well.

    Where have you been and what have you been up to? This blog has been awfully quiet!

    – Mel

  13. I know you’re not active here, but I miss you! I’ve been reading through my old blog posts and realized that you were a great support during some stressful times! I would love to catch up sometime one way or another…

    Miss you!

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