Quite honestly, I’m a girl just trying to get through life. If I didn’t have my sense of humor, I would have offed myself a long time ago. Fortunately it is still in tact (for the most part).

I love lasagna, roller coasters and my dog, and I secretly wish I could have been a real-life Charlie’s Angel.

I also secretly (and not-so secretly) love Borat, scotch and other things that “ladies” apparently shouldn’t love. At the end of the day — I count my blessings, which are too many to list.

I live my life trying to steer clear of the mattress police, Big Brother and people who are mean. So if you’re going to be mean to me, let me know in advance. I have another number for you.



  1. I like this description. 🙂 I feel much the same way about big brother and such. Staying below the radar these days isn’t an entirely bad idea.

    Thank you for all the kind comments you left on my site. You might like today’s post.. but… it’s a strange one 🙂



  2. All this time I thought you didn’t have a blog because obviously, I am seriously challenged mentally.

    I’m so glad I tried again. Seems so simple, doesn’t it?

  3. 😉 Hi Heart ~ I was hiding. 😉 Diesel drew me out. Thanks so much for visiting. I do love having you in my little space and admire you deeply. Best, ~ A

  4. My first visit here. Won’t be my last. Your eyebrows look fine to me.

  5. Thanks, Catmoves. I appreciate it! I worry, though, what I’d look like if I didn’t pluck those caterpillers that grow over my eyes!

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